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100 Things (for the new year)

Something to spruce up the sidebar and entertain myself all at the same time. (And by sidebar I mean that someday it will be the way I want it to be. In the meantime, I want to kill myself trying to make it right.)

  1. I like coffee.
  2. I do not like foam.
  3. I love setting goals and I love meeting them. I always wait until the last minute. Here are a couple:
  4. I want to be rich.
  5. I want to design, open, and own a restaurant.
  6. I want to fly a plane.
  7. I want to drive a motorcycle.
  8. I want to live in big cities.
  9. I want to study architecture and build a house.
  10. I want to write for a living.
  11. And I want to love it, whatever I do.
  12. I love animals and pets. When around them, I make weird noises and talk in a funny voice. I got this from my mom.
  13. I hate flying.
  14. I love to travel.
  15. My friends are significantly funnier than I.
  16. I like it this way.
  17. I can't remember life before I got my digital camera.
  18. I've been blogging since 2001. That's a really long time.
  19. I love TV. It doesn't really matter what the show is.
  20. I love eating out on a Friday night with my friends and then coming home and watching TV or the same movies over and over again.
  21. I have a journalism degree. This is how I use it.
  22. I work for a private university. They offered me an office. I said yes.
  23. Everyone I know is getting married.
  24. I am happily single.
  25. I love talking to people.
  26. I hate talking on the phone.
  27. I've been on the internet since 1996.
  28. I learned how to type when I was in first grade.
  29. It was a progressive school. My brother didn't learn how to read because he didn't feel like it.
  30. I also learned my left and right in first grade. That was hard from me.
  31. My family is totally dysfunctional.
  32. I'm addicted to pop culture.
  33. I used to love to read.
  34. College killed that for me.
  35. I'm trying to like it again.
  36. I'm 21 years old. I was always young for my age growing up. Now everyone thinks I'm way older.
  37. I like it that way.
  38. I grew up in the Chicagoland area.
  39. Hands down ("kick his ass") the best city in the world.
  40. Although I really like Stockholm.
  41. I went to an all girls high school.
  42. We wore plaid skirts.
  43. But we didn't shave our legs so it wasn't that hot.
  44. I was involved in yearbook and also did a lot of designated driving.
  45. I had my first drink ever at The Cheesecake Factory on my 21st birthday. It burned a lot.
  46. I'm better at drinking now.
  47. I don't get embarrassed.
  48. I easily embarrass my friends all the time.
  49. I once tried to bring a hamster on an airplane as my carryon. He had to be stowed.
  50. I'm almost always cold.
  51. Except when I'm outside in Southern California where it is ALWAYS hot.
  52. I love The Gap.
  53. I hate clothes.
  54. I love spending money.
  55. I used to be frugal. I don't know what happened.
  56. I bought my first car in June 2005. She is a green Ford Explorer. I love her.
  57. We call her the Unnamed Green Monster.
  58. Except when she keeps beeping because HOLD THE PHONES she has low washer fluid.
  59. My favorite number is 17.
  60. My favorite flower are red roses.
  61. I love the Louis Armstrong song, "It's A Wonderful World."
  62. I love Dave Matthews.
  63. Tickets to a Dave concert would be the perfect date. (I'm from Chicago so we're on a first name basis.)
  64. I speak some French.
  65. I have a horrible French accent.
  66. I love languages.
  67. I love chicken.
  68. I love sauce.
  69. I love clear spaces and tidiness.
  70. I have a hard time living this way.
  71. I love boundaries. They keep my life sane and they prevent me from making poor decisions.
  72. I used to make a lot of poor decisions. I think counseling is good for everyone.
  73. I can't sing, dance, or play musical instruments. This used to make me really sad. I've mostly come to terms with it.
  74. I always say I hate running.
  75. I actually like it.
  76. I do not understand people who just can't stop running because of the rush.
  77. My sunglasses are an extension of myself.
  78. So is my computer. It is a PowerBook G4 and I love it.
  79. I'm a feminist.
  80. This bothers most people I know.
  81. I used to have really long hair. I don't miss it.
  82. I love random facts.
  83. I love knowing how things work.
  84. I remember everything. It all gets filed away until something triggers it and I recite the entire childhood of someone I met once.
  85. I'm interested in having children someday and I think they're cute but I never feel compelled to steal or birth them right now this instant.
  86. I do feel compelled to steal everything else I see.
  87. I like to be in control.
  88. I've let this go a lot.
  89. I'm still not perfect and it irritates me that I never will be.
  90. I can quote the whole Friends cannon verbatim.
  91. I use this instead of my own words. Now if only have my own writing staff to script my conversations.
  92. Or Chandler Bing.
  93. My greatest fear is losing people or things that I love.
  94. Memories are really important to me.
  95. In the summer I get freckles. I wish I had them all year round.
  96. I'm one of those people who forgets to eat. This drives my friend Elle so crazy that we pretend it's not true.
  97. I'm a morning person.
  98. But I have a hard time functioning if I'm tired.
  99. I'm pretty sure boys still have cooties.
  100. I like chocolate plain. I like vanilla flavor.

If you read all of those, you WIN! (And, don't lie, people, The Schill knows when you lie.)


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"I do feel compelled to steal everything else I see."

Does that make you a supressed kleptomaniac? ;)

I was thinking of making a similar list. I'll get working on it now because I really should be studying for an exam.

And yes, I read the whole list, now I know you 100 points more!

I'm still not on the sidebar... and thinking of ways to finalize your fiery death.

Abigail . . . I did read them ALL . . . you can quiz me at home if you don't believe me!
p.s. you make me want to blog even though I would not rock it like you do

Hi - I'm a recent lurker... Cousin of the lovely Heather Anne...

I laughed out loud when I read "HOLD THE PHONES she has low washer fluid". Jersey the Jetta also yells when she has low washer fluid.

yeah. i like you.

Hey, I read your complete list. So, what do I win? Or is it one of those "the journey is the destination" deals? Or simply false advertising? Although, can it be considered advertising or enticement since it follows rather than precedes the list?

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