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Cookies! For! Scott!

Hey, everybody. Do you love Scott?

Do you totally feel his pain about the man-eating virus that has infected his computer and affected his soul?

Do you think he should win the "Best Commenter" Hoagie hands-down, kick everyone else's ass?

Do you want to make his life better?

Then please join the Caveat Cookie Challenge (or CCC for short).

The goal: Give Scott so many cookies that he cannot possibly feel sad about the virus. (Because everyone knows that cookies > virus.)

What you should do: Email me (abigail.m.schilling[at]gmail[dot]com) if you're going to give back to the Internet and I will send you logistics.

I suck at cooking, can I still help? Of course! Scott doesn't strike me as the kind who takes issue with store-bought cookies.

Should I take a picture of my cookies? Please do! We'll have a flickr pool and then it will be like we all ate cookies with Scott together.

Should I nominate Scott for the hoagies? Duh.

Boooooo viruses! Hoooray for cookies!


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well, DUH. but can i do it when i get back from my conference next week?

That's funny. I totally nominated Scott as best commenter last night. I'm e-mailing you about the cookies right now.

Wow. I just... uh...


Hello, Abigail.

Kat, of course you can do it next week. And while you're at it, feel free to send me some of those carrot upside down inside out sammiches.

Yay cookies! Tell your friends!

Do you want to make his life better?

No. His life is already good enough. He would agree also, I know.

Scott, looks like you're poised to be Brando's replacement in a few months.

Ok, ok. That sounded bitter. Sorry. I'm not bitter, really. Even if he DID steal a wooden firetruck from me in the church nursery in 1975...I can get over that and send him some freakin' cookies. Better yet, I'll take him some special cookies in Nov. when we have dinner. If I can remember, that is...

I'll give Scott cookies!

send me the logistics. it's going to rain cookies in Scottsville.

i'm confused. does this mean I can make, bake and eat cookies or do I send them to Scott?
Actually, I should probably ask first if your mother can play this game.

Me, too, please! Count me in!

I'm a baking fool! Why not inflict some of it on Scott?! I'll shoot an email your way for the logistics.

I went to the store and picked up flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter, baking soda and choc chips.

When I asked Grandace if she wanted some cookies to eat with her ice cream, she exclaimed, "Aren't you making cookies tomorrow?!"


I will send cookie love to Scott! Yes!

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