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Tuesday? Question Day

Heather Anne asked me some questions (because I bothered her enough about how whine whine whine I don't have anything to blog about). Here are some answers.

1) If you could have tickets to any concert this summer, who would you see? and who would you take?

Dave Matthews in September at the Hollywood Bowl, assuming I could pick any seats I wanted and have prime-o parking. I’ve dreamed about going to a Dave concert forever because I’m from Chicago and that’s what we do. Or, if you’re my best friend’s brother, Aaron, you go to all six shows in Chicago plus all the shows in Indiana and Wisconsin. And paint love letters to Dave all over your car.

Since Aaron is still not speaking to me (dude, we’re adults now, can’t we just laugh and have a good time remembering how my glasses were huge and you wore athletic shorts for six years straight?), I’ll be holding auditions for the role of My Dave Date.

Recommendations to auditionees:

-An enthusiastic love of all things Dave is highly valued.

-At least learn a lot of songs.

-Don’t waste my time.

-Be cute.

And a little P.S. to My Dave Date: tickets are still available. This is absolutely crazy. If Aaron were around to proctor this experience he would be bitching like crazy about how Californians don't appreciate Dave Matthews. (Aaron stayed up all night back in the pre-net Ticketmaster days to see Dave. Nine times.)

2) What topic of discussion bores you more quickly than any others?

Oh, so very many. First of all, philosophy is usually boring because the people talk about it think they are The Shit and they're all, "ooo, ooo, epistemically blah blah blah."

Secondly, I get totally bored when people tell really, really, really, long versions of any romantic stories. Or stories about their kids. Honestly, long stories in general annoy me. Yes, yes, I'm a hypocrite.

Thirdly, when I start freaking out about something and can't stop talking. It annoys me so much and yet I keep hearing words coming out of my mouth. And my wonderful friends just sit there and roll their eyes and let me talk.

3) If you could be the spokesperson for any product on the market (which means you'd get all the freebies you could handle), which product would you represent?

Apple Computers, I think. See, I love all their products and they could also get me discounts for other products that aren't theirs. And their commercials are funny--I could totally be all, "I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC." right? Oh, and, since I'm not really into the iPod thing, I could sell them all shady-like (c.f. my brother, 2005) in exchange for goods and services. They should totally hire me.

4) if you were given unlimited money and the necessary technology to invent anything you desired, what would you invent?

Unlimited money makes me nervous. It reminds me of communism.

5) Are you ever going to put the lovers back together?

If I answered that it would ruin all my writerly mystique. I will say that they are not done yet, simply on hiatus, and while they've been off air they have been working some things out. But they asked me to not say any more about that. Cross your fingers!

Bonus stats:
20 Times I used the word "all" above
21+ The amount of times per day I use Google at least four days a week (data courtesy of Google Web History)
34 Searches today
52 Searches yesterday
3 Days it has taken me (so far) to get through all the dishes from Saturday night


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(psst... i could maybe answer some questions, too, if you were to ask them.)

(I also like questions)

I would totally audition to be your Dave Date if only tickets didn't cost 598 dollars.

fun and funny.

Speaking of the talking bit. At lunch today I was on one of my one woman maniac rolls and I turned to one of the nuns and called her "Honey" (but I said it like southerners do, (spell it for us, Heather Anne).

Immediately I realized my error and wished I knew how to STOP my mouth from moving rather than ramping it up a knotch or two.

I meekly asked Sister if it was disrespectful to call a Sister, "Honey" ('cuz it is disrespectful to call them by their name without the Sister part), to which she replied, "Not at all, just don't call me Hippie." (Oh, oooookay - WHO THE HELL WOULD DO THAT?)

I like this sister. She reminds me of the Friendly Giant - something long before even my time. She also reminds me of Maddie.


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