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Drink for your Health

So my new favorite thing in life is the Banana Chocolate Vivanno from Starbucks. What? You haven't tried it yet? It's been out since July 15! Get to a Starbucks right away!

I didn't think I'd like it because I think banana splits are gross and bananas only belong in a very select circle of ingredients, but apparently this "cupful of simple ingredients" (that's what it says on the cup) is magical because I LOVE IT.

The simple ingredients:
a whole banana
Protein & Fiber Powder
2% milk (I sub skim milk)
mocha sauce
espresso (optional) (but you're crazy if you don't)

It's 270 calories (or less with the skim). Since I stopped eating food from Starbucks a few months ago, I've been spending less money there which means I can totally afford to have this every day! (Well, almost every day, and by afford, I mean I should be saving this money for something important, but look! I'm saving the economy one Vivanno at a time!)

If you don't like banana mixed with other things, you won't like this, but if you like smoothies with bananas and you like frappuccinos, please try this drink. It is my perfect breakfast. It's sister drink, the Orange Mango Banana Vivanno, isn't bad either.)

Disclaimer: You could totally make this at home. But if you factor in the time and energy it takes to clean a freaking blender AND peel a banana, you are totally saving money by getting this at the 'bucks.


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I don't like the taste of coffee... but am intrigued. If you get it without the espresso and mocha sauce, would it still taste good I wonder? Something I need to investigate!

I completely agree with you. But why in the world have you stopped eating at the 'bucks?

Well, the sandwiches (my favorite) were a total money suck and the the pastry stuff was a total health suck. One day I just decided to stop buying food out and make healthier, cheaper Trader Joe's choices. I don't judge though.

(Actually, I judge Starbucks a little because they should providing at least healthier OR cheaper food choices. The Vivanno is a really good step in that direction though.)

That place is the promised land. For me.

Oh, me too. My office knows I'll never leave because Starbucks is just too convenient.

i don't know what you're talking about, lady, because banana splits are SO BEST.

Blech. Whiskey coffee ice cream on the other hand...

Some blenders can go in the dishwasher. I'm just saying.

But then you have to run the dishwasher everyday. Which means you have to unload it everyday which, no.

I normally avoid Starbucks just on principle, but YUM.


Tried it today. Not bad, but it was a bit bland. Could be the fact that I don't think the lady knew what the drink was when I ordered it...

Did you try it with espresso?

Edit: Also, isn't everything in England bland? Simple ingredients here are bland ingredients there, ya?

I told her I wanted espresso, but that doesn't mean anything...and the only things that aren't bland here are ethnic foods. I don't think Starbucks qualifies.

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