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After two weeks off work, I went back on Monday. Sunday night I was going to bed early so that I could wake up early. (I can't wake up at all without enough sleep.) I wanted to wake up early to get some things done. To be productive. To make something of 2009.

So I got under the covers at 9:50 pm. I closed my computer at 10:24 pm. And I tossed and turned.

I don't know what kept me up.

Maybe it was the cyst in my ear, resident there since 2005, itchy as hell.

Maybe it was because I was cold.

Maybe it was because of my asthma. I thought I left my inhaler in Big Bear. After twenty minutes of suffering I remembered where it was.

Also, maybe you're wondering why I had asthma laying in bed? Because I was cold. My life? It's a joke.

But I think the real reason was because on Monday, I had to go back to work. I was excited about going back. See, I'm kind of a dork. I love my job and the people I work with and I don't really mind being there. Of course, I definitely didn't mind the free vacation, but what I'm saying is I wasn't dreading going back. But I wasn't really excited either. It's not like I was waiting for Santa or anything.

But maybe it was just the excitement of change.

Things were not very exciting come morning time. I obviously didn't get anything done before work, and I was not well rested for work, and I wanted to sleep all day. Oh well.


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I hate when I can't sleep before a "big day". I tend to toss and turn on nights I need my rest. So unfair!

I'm the same way. Whenever I need to sleep the most, I can't.

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